Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Ugly Stumps in Northgate, WA?

Let Us Take Care of that for You!

Jay’s Stump Grinding Service provides stump removal services to residents in the Northgate area.

We can generally arrive to remove stumps in Northgate within 2 days of your call. We can often even give over-the-phone stump removal quotes and estimates if you have measured the diameter of the tree stump(s) to be removed. Many of our clients also find it helpful to use their smartphones to take pictures of the tree stump(s) that we will be grinding and then text them to us. For purposes of scale, we suggest placing a food can or coffee cup on the cut tree stump before you take your picture. This allows us to be fully prepared for the job when we arrive in Northgate.

image of tree stump

Considerations For Stump Removal Northgate, Wa

There are generally no permits needed for the removal of remaining tree stumps on your property located in Northgate However, depending on your location, there may be required permits for complete tree removal. Please check with King County for more information. It may also be important to consider underground utilities near the stumps to be removed. Please check with  “Call Before You Dig” for more information.

Quality Service

Jay’s Stump Grinding Service can handle any size and quantity of stumps and can reach them in difficult or tight areas. We take pride in quality work and immaculate clean-up.